Making learning fun!

Learning by repetition is a rule of thumb in elementary school. Dragon Minders is a fun game where the tasks in the game is related to learning letters, letter sounds and often used words. Most importantly, the game is training your working memory.  Working memory is important to master learning. Dragon Minders combines the latest research in neuroscience and pedagogics. 



When the game opens the first time, the children choose their preferred dragon egg. When the egg hatches, the child has his or hers own baby dragon. The baby dragon has to be fed and trained each day, and each of the tasks(mini games) consists of working memory training and pedagogical exercises. The reward for each completed game is food for the dragon. The dragon grows together with the progress of the child.




Learn letters, letter sounds and often used words in a fun and engaging way.

Dragon Minders is a game which enhances the children´s ability to learn and reading skills. The game is suitable for children between the age of 4 to 7 years, and is complementary to the first year curriculum in school.



Working memory is the brains ability to concentrate, short-time memory and processing knowledge. We use our working memory each day, and it is extremely important when we are learning something new.

We use our working memory when we are remembering letters, different letters in a word, and putting words together in a sentence. Working memory can be trained, and the training is most effective between the age of 4 and 1o.


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